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Donald L. Davidson, Ph.D.

"Do Something Different"  This simple but powerful directive often underlies real growth and change in our lives. Sometimes we know what needs to change but struggle to make it happen.  At other times, we just don't know where to start. We are just not clear about what makes us or our children, feel so stuck, frustrated and unhappy. Counseling may be an important part of the solution.

My name is Don Davidson and I am a licensed psychologist with advanced training in child, adolescent and family psychology. I also specialize in work with adults in a variety of areas. With me, you will experience a warm, non-judgmental environment of trust, and safety and a sincere desire to help you find solutions to life's problems. 

My therapeutic approach to understanding and solving problems reflects a variety of strategies and interventions, depending on what would be most helpful at the time. I have come to understand that our mind and body strongly influence each other and I look at emotional health from a more broad or holistic perspective. Areas such as sleep, exercise, stress, life balance and nutrition often impact not only your psychological well-being and progress, but your motivation to pursue change itself.

I am also interested in the spiritual life of individuals and families I work with. Being a Christian myself, I attempt to meet people wherever they are regarding spiritual or religious issues and when appropriate and desired, help them integrate their faith in the process of problem solving. I have had the privilege of working with people from diverse religious backgrounds as well as with those for whom spiritual belief is not part of their life journey.

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